Feltételes mód - Conditionals

Ha a disznók repülni tudnának – Feltételes mód – If

Ezzel a feladattal a feltételes mód összes formáját gyakorolhatod.

Put the verbs in brackets in the most appropriate form using the conditionals.


1. If I get home too late tonight, I __________ (not eat).

2. If they ________ (earn) enough money, they will go to France for their holiday this summer.

3. If John __________ (can run) 100 metres in 10 seconds, he would be an athlete.

4. If Simon ___________ (catch) a fish today, we will eat it.

5. If you went to the moon, you _____________ (be) 400,000 km from the Earth.

6. She would buy a Porsche if she ______________ (win) the lottery.

7. If you _____________ (boil) water, it turns to gas.

8. If it __________ (rain) in the Sahara desert, everyone would be very surprised.

9. If you ___________(buy) tickets, we could have gone to the match yesterday.

10. If you jumped off a tall building without a parachute, it ___________ (hurt).

11. If it __________ (rain) tonight, we can go to the cinema.

12. She __________ (pass) her exam if she studied more!

13. If your dog spoke, you ____________ (can sell) it to the circus.

14. If you had studied harder last summer, you ________________(finish) your first year by now.

15. If you _________ (put) pizza in the oven for 3 hours, it burns.

16. If we ______________ (play) football on Saturday afternoon, I will be tired on Sunday.

17. If I ___________ (live) in the Middle Ages, I could have been a princess.

18. You ___________ (become) fat if you eat too much.

19. If a UFO __________ (land) in the city centre tomorrow, there would be a big panic.

20. I won’t give you the parcel, unless you _______ (pay) for it.



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