Feltételes mód - ConditionalsGyakorlás

Impossible? Yes. Feltételes mód gyakorlás.

Gyakorló feladat a 3. típusú (lehetetlen) feltételes mondatokhoz.

What if??? Make sentences using the conditionals.


You left school when you were 16. You can’t find a good job.

You ate too much last night. You had a terrible nightmare.

You didn’t go to university. You haven’t got a diploma.

You only had a sandwich at lunch time. You are hungry now.

You didn’t win the lottery. You need to worry about your future.

You didn’t bring a map. You are lost.

There was a power cut. You didn’t save your documents. You lost them.

You got married very young. You got divorced after 1 year.

You overslept. You were late for work and got fired.


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