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Thanksgiving – Hálaadás – Hallás utáni értés

Thanksgiving listening gap filling exercise


Listen and fill the gaps:

(A hanganyagért kattints az ikonra)

Thanksgiving is a very 1.) _______________ holiday. It is also called Thanksgiving Day. It is celebrated on the fourth 2.) _______________ in November every year. It used to be a religious holiday to give 3.) _______________ to God.

There are 4.) _______________ versions of the origins of this holiday. One is thanks for the early settlers arriving in 5.)_______________ safely. On December the 4th, 6) _______________, a group of 7.) _______________ pioneers arrived at a place called Berkeley Hundred, in Virginia. The group made a promise that the 8.) _______________ of their arrival should be a „day of thanksgiving” to God.

The 9.) _______________ version is the thanks given to Native Americans for 10.) _______________ the pilgrims how to catch eels and grow corn in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 11.) _______________, President Roosevelt made Thanksgiving a federal holiday.


The main event of any Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving 12.) _______________. It is traditional to have baked or roasted 13.) _______________. This is usually accompanied with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fall 14.) _______________, cranberry sauce, and gravy. 15.) _______________ pie is the most commonly eaten dessert.

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for 16.) _______________. It is a four-day or five-day weekend vacation for most 17.) _______________ and colleges, and many businesses and government workers get three or 18.) _______________ days off.

Thanksgiving is also the unofficial signal for Christmas preparations to begin. Once Thanksgiving 19.) _______________, stores fill their shelves with Christmas goods. It is also a 20.) _______________ time to be a turkey.


to celebrate – ünnepelni
religious – vallási
God – Isten
origin – eredet
settler – telepes
to arrive – megérkezni
arrival – érkezés
safely – biztonságosan
pioneer – úttörő
to make a promise – ígéretet tenni
Native Americans – amerikai őslakosok
pilgrim – zarándok
to catch – elkapni, fogni (halat)
eel – angolna
to grow – termeszteni
federal holiday – szövetségi ünnep
main event – fő esemény
baked – sült (sütőben)
roasted – sült (zsiradékon)
to accompany – kísérni
mashed potatoes – burgonyapüré
sweet potatoes – édesburgonya
fall – ősz
cranberry sauce – áfonya szósz
gravy – szaft
pie – pite
government worker – állami alkalmazott
a day off – szabadnap
unofficial signal – nem hivatalos jel
preparation – készülődés
store – üzlet, bolt
goods – áru(cikkek)


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