Vonatkozó mellékmondatok - Relative clause

Relative clauses – Vonatkozói mellékmondatok

Gyakorold a vonatkozó névmások használatát

Válaszd ki a megfelelő vonatkozó névmást.

My old neighbour is the one __________ always helps me.

Sylvie lives in a house __________ is 200 years old.

Do you know anybody __________ can play the guitar?

The woman __________ opened the door wore a red dress.

The plane __________ we saw flew to Madrid.

Most of the students __________ took the exam passed.

The park __________ we first met was closed down.

The lady __________ dog was lost cried all night.

I met a child __________ can speak 10 languages.

She always asks questions __________ are difficult to answer.

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