Vonatkozó mellékmondatok - Relative clause

Combine the sentences – Vonatkozói mellékmondat feladat

Kapcsold össze a mondatokat - Relative clause

Két mondatból kell egyet csinálni, a jelentésnek megfelelően bővítő vagy szűkítő mellékmondattal kiegészítve az alap mondatot.

Combine the following pairs of sentences by using relative pronouns, making any changes necessary.


E.g.: The bed has no mattress. I sleep on this bed.

The bed I sleep on has no mattress.

The bed that I sleep on has no mattress.

The bed which I sleep on has no mattress.

1. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it.

2. Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other.

3. This is Mrs Jones. His son won the championship last year.

4. I was sitting in a chair. It suddenly collapsed.

5. His girlfriend turned out to be an enemy spy. He trusted her absolutely.

6. This is the story of a man. His wife suddenly loses her memory.

7. The firm is sending me to London. I work for this firm.

8. The horse kept stopping. This annoyed the rider.

9. Tom had been driving all day. He was tired and wanted to stop.

10.  This is the story of a group of boys. Their plane crashed on an uninhabited island.



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