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Messi – Simple Past or Past Perfect

Gyakorold a múlt időket a kiváló futball sztár történetével

Töltsd ki a szöveget az igék egyszerű vagy befejezett múlt idejű alakjával.

Wembley Stadium, London, 28th May 2011, the 54th minute of the Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United – and the ball, again, (be) with Lionel Messi, this time about 25 metres from the United goal.

United players (be) sticking to him like limpets before.

But now, losing concentration for a moment, they (give) him a couple of metres of space.

They shouldn’t have: a dart forward, a fierce shot, and Messi (score) Barcelona’s crucial second goal in what would eventually be a 3–1 victory. 

And so Messi (win) his third Champions League winners’ medal, to add to two FIFA World Player of the Year awards. Not bad for someone still only 23 years old.

Most football experts said Messi (have) the potential to become the best footballer of all time.

They usually (give) this title either to the Brazilian Pelé or the Argentinian Diego Maradona before.

As a boy in Argentina doctors (diagnose) Messi with growth hormone deficiency.

They (believe) he might not grow taller than 1.5 metres.

His parents could not afford the expensive hormone treatment the doctors (recommend).  

So they desperately (hope) a major football club, seeing his potential, would sign him and agree to pay for it.

That is exactly what happened after the 13-year-old Messi (fly) to Spain to have a trial with Barcelona.

The coach watching the trial was so amazed that he (want) Messi to join the club immediately.

However he (forget) to take a contract with him to sign.

In fact, he (not even have) a piece of paper. The solution? Messi’s first contract with Barcelona was written on a napkin.

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