QuizMelléknevek - Adjectives

Melléknevek fokozása – gyakorló quiz

Írd be a megfelelő (közép- vagy felsőfokú) alakot!

Az első mondatban szereplő melléknevet fokozd.

A tesztet többször is megcsinálhatod, a mondatok cserélődnek.

I don't feel so bad today. Yesterday I felt .

My brother and I had a lot of toys but our cousin had the  .

I have seen beautiful places but this is the  .

This building is very old. It's the  in town.

These paintings aren't very nice. Those are .

She is very pretty. She's the  girl in the class.

My boss doesn't work very hard. I work .

We don't watch a lot of TV. The children watch .

It was a very happy day. It was the  day of my life.

My chair isn't very comfortable. Yours is .

The holiday was great. It was the  in my life.

The chicken is delicious. It's the  I've ever eaten.

There are three banks near here but which is the  ?

We sailed on long rivers but this is the  .

I'm not very tall. My sister is .

They don't meet many people. We meet .

She is a very popular person. She's the  in the office.

The film was very bad. It was the  film I've ever seen.

Her job isn't very interesting. She wants to do something .

We have only a little time but yesterday we had .

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