Gerund-infinitive gyakorlás quiz

Gerund vagy infinitive? Válaszd ki a mondatba illő alakot.

A kérdések változnak, érdemes többször megcsinálni a feladatot.

He managed ___________ the car last weekend.

They happened ___________ when the party finished.

We failed ___________ all the employees in time.

They can't afford ___________ in restaurants every week.

I'm really looking forward to ___________ you next week.

I don't want to risk ___________ her.

I hope ___________ you soon.

She stopped ___________ last year.

I can't stand ___________ in long queues.

They suggested ___________ everything online in this situation.

She doesn't seem ___________ what we are talking about.

The thief admitted ___________ the painting.

What do you enjoy ___________ at the weekend?

There was a huge applause when she finished ___________ .

I need ___________ the bills tomorrow.

We arranged ___________ in front of the church.

I like ___________ . I cook every day.

I'd like to thank you for ___________ this party.

We offered ___________ her a lift but she wanted to walk.

I tried ___________ the suitcase but it was too heavy.

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