Funny crime stories quiz

Funny crime stories


In Linz in Austria, a nineteen-year-old youth held up a shop with an air rifle and took $200. A few days later, he saw a photofit picture in the local press and complained to his mother that it was a terrible likeness. She handed him over to the police and he was immediately arrested.

In Camarillo, California, a man went into a department store and took several suits into a dressing room. He carefully snipped off the security tag from one suit and then put it on under his clothes. Rather than leave the security tag behind, thinking it would be found and used as evidence, he put it in his pocket and set off the alarm as he left the store. He was grabbed by a store employee as he stepped out of the store.

After robbing bus passengers in Rio de Janeiro of more than $800 last month, the robber jumped off the bus right in front of four hundred police officers gathered for an official ceremony with Rio’s governor.  The commanding general of the military police himself abandoned the podium to give chase. The felon was eventually captured after a gun battle.

A couple and their sleeping baby shared a table with a Spanish tourist outside the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A few minutes after the couple left, the tourist realised that her handbag had been taken. The woman, noticing that the couple had unwittingly left their nine-month-old child behind phoned the police and calmly waited for the thieves to return. They did indeed return ten minutes later and were promptly arrested.

In January, a man was jailed for two years at Kingston Crown Court in England for the burglary of a flat three months before. He had left behind his wallet containing his passport. He insisted he was innocent of the crime claiming that his wallet had been taken by a pickpocket while he was shopping earlier in the day.

A man entered the World Savings Bank in Plantation, Florida last month and demanded money. The teller said there were no envelopes to put the money in, so the robber pulled one from his pocket. As he did so, his business card fell unnoticed to the floor. The police telephoned him at work the next day and he was arrested five minutes later.

An armed robber was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment last week after being caught getting off a bus. The robber had attempted to hold up the Co-op Pioneer supermarket in Penzance, England, but fled empty-handed when told that the tills were empty. He ran out of the shop and straight onto a passing bus. Realising that he didn’t have any money to pay for his ticket, and not wanting to make a fuss, he got off the bus and was arrested by the police.

Funny crime stories

Read the text and answer the questions below.



Who gave up the young boy?

Why did the man take the security tag?


What was the crime committed in Rio de Janeiro?


Why did the couple return to the scene of the crime?


What did the burglar put forward in his defence?


Why could the police find the bank robber?


Why couldn’t the supermarket robber escape by bus?

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