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Coast to Coast

Egyszerű és befejezett múlt idő gyakorlás

Read the story of an amazing journey and fill the blanks with the Simple Past or Past Perfect form of the verbs in brackets. If both are possible, use the Past Perfect.

Bill Jackson 1 __________ (sit) at the side of the road near Atlanta and wondered what to do next. He 2 ___________ (look) at the second-hand Harley Davidson he 3 _____________ (buy) from a back-street garage back home in Miami at the beginning of his trip six weeks before.

For years he 4 ______________ (dream) of crossing the United States from east to west by motorbike and finally he 5 ________________ (decide) that it was now or never. He 6 ________________ (give) up his job, sold his car and set off for the journey of his dreams. He 7 _________________ (be) lucky, or so he thought, to find this old Harley Davidson and 8 _________________ (buy) it for just $600. But five kilometers from Atlanta, he 9 _______________ (run) out of luck. The motorbike 10 ________________ (break) down.

He 11 _______________ (push) the bike into town and 12 ________________ (find) a garage. The young mechanic 13 __________________ (tell) him to leave the bike overnight and come back the next day. The following morning, to his surprise, the man 14 ________________ (ask) if the bike was for sale. “Certainly not,” he replied, paid his bill and 15 ________________ (hit) the road.

When he got to Kansas the old machine 16 _________________ (run) out of steam again. This time Bill 17 _______________ (think) about selling it and buying something more reliable, but 18 _____________ (decide) to carry on.

However, in Denver, Colorado the bike 19 __________________ (break) down again so he decided to take it to a garage and offer it for sale. The mechanic 20 _______________ (tell) him to come back in the morning.

The next day, to his amazement, the man 21 _______________ (offer) him $2,000. Thinking the man was not short of money, Nick 22 _______________ (ask) for $ 3,000. The man 23 _________________ (agree) and they signed the papers. Then the mechanic 24 ________________ (start) laughing. In fact it was several minutes before he could speak and when he could he said, “That’s the worst deal you’ll ever make, boy.”

He 25 ________________ (remove) the seat. On the underside was the inscription:

‘To Elvis, love James Dean. ‘

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