Causative - MűveltetésQuiz

Causative – have something done quiz

Alkoss mondatokat a megadott szavakkal és a "have something done" (megcsináltatni valamit) műveltető szerkezettel.
Figyelj a helyes igeidőre is!


the house / paintWe a few weeks ago.
her car / serviceSarah once a year.
your eyes / testHave you recently?
my suit / cleanIt cost ten pounds to .
this document / translateI need to as soon as possible.
the roof / repairSarah by Jack last weekend.
my hair / cutI can't answer the phone now, I'm .
the carpet / cleanBill will next week, I think.
some flowers / deliverSam for his wife every Monday.
my shoes / repairI'll be there in 10 mintues. I'm now.

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