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What Josh Likes…

Alapszintű szövegértés feladat, kezdőknek is!

What Josh likes…

Read about Josh and answer the questions.


Josh Simpson is 15 years old. He lives with his parents and his sister, in Nottingham in the centre of England. He likes playing football and enjoys watching it on television. At the weekend he plays the guitar in a band. He doesn’t like listening to pop music. He prefers listening to rock. His sister, Susan, doesn’t like it. She is 24 and prefers listening to the radio. She listens to it every evening. Susan works as a nurse. It is an interesting job. She wants to work in Australia when she passes her exams. Josh wants to be a rock musician when he finishes school.

1 What sport does Josh like playing?

2 What does he enjoy watching on television?

3 What is his favourite music?

4 Does Susan like rock music?

5 When does Susan listen to the radio?

6 Does Susan like her job?

7 Where does Susan want to work?

8 Where do Josh and Susan live?



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