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Top 10 Christmas facts from around the world

10 érdekesség a karácsonyról - rövid olvasmány

1. Electric Christmas tree lights were first used in 1895 because of many accidents involving candles.

2. The United States’ official Christmas tree is located in King’s Canyon National Park. The tree is called „General Grant”

3. The first charity Christmas card  produced by UNICEF was created in 1935. The picture of the card was painted by a seven-year-old girl. She drew children dancing.

4. The first speech of the British Monarch was written by Rudyard Kipling, creator of Jungle Book’ in 1932.

5. Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer was created to promote a department store in 1939.

6. In Syria a camel brings the presents. Legend has it that the camel belonged to one of the three wise men who visited the new-born Jesus.

7. In Lithuania children must sing a song before they receive their presents from Grandfather Christmas.

8. In Greece if you want to stop the terrible creatures of Christmas „ the Kallinatzoris” you must burn an old shoe.

9. In Ukraine if you find a spider web on Christmas morning means good luck for the family.

10. In Holland Santa Claus has a servant Black Peter who helps to deliver the presents through the chimney.

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