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This is my school – easy reading and quiz

I am Mr. Morgan. I’m thirty years old and I’m a history teacher at St. Paul’s   Secondary School. I live in Pretoria, in South Africa.

I have a very busy life. I usually get up at seven o’clock. I prepare my breakfast and then I go to school by bus. School starts at 8.30.

My school is very big and old. There are two floors. On the first floor there are ten classrooms, two Art rooms, two Music rooms, four toilets and the School office is on the right of the main door. On the second floor there are more ten classrooms and four toilets. The library is between the Headmaster’s Office and the Staffroom. The Coffee bar is next to the Computer room. There is also an Auditorium.

The Gymnasium is in the second building.

Classes finish at three o’clock and then I go back home. I have a cup of tea and prepare my lessons. Sometimes I play football with my friends before dinner. I always have dinner with my family at 8 o’clock. After I help with the dishes and watch TV. I always read before I go to bed.

Auditorium – Előadóterem

Gymnasium – Tornaterem

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Welcome to your quiz about Mr Morgan

What time_______ Mr. Morgan get up?

What _______ he have for breakfast?

_______ Mr. Morgan go to school by bus?

Where _______ Mr. Morgan have dinner?

What time _______ classes finish?

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