Múlt idő kérdések was, were

Alkoss kérdéseket, tedd megfelelő sorrendbe a megadott szavakat és használd a 'was' vagy 'were' létigét.

you / why / this morning / late?

Because the traffic was terrible.

difficult / your exam?

No, it was easy.

last week / where / Bill and Joe?

They were on holiday.

your new camera / how much?

Two hundred dollars.

angry / you / yesterday / why?

Because you were late.

nice / the weather / on your holiday?

Yes, it was great.

Ben / yesterday / in school?

No, he was ill.

at home / you / last weekend?

Yes, I was.

Mary / why / sad / this morning?

Because she lost her dog.

your party / big?

No, only a few friends were there.

'Fel a tetejéhez' gomb