Melléknevek összehasonlítás

Mi illik a mondatba? Válaszd ki a helyes alakot.

Which is __________ restaurant in this city?

I haven't got as __________ money as you.

Sam is __________ than Joe in the class.

Please, be as __________ as you can.

The holiday last year was much __________ .

My father is __________ driver than I am.

Poker is __________ card game in the world.

Athens is __________ than Rome.

Mr Smith is __________ man I've ever met.

They showed me __________ gold I had ever seen.

This is __________ book in the library.

My friend is as __________ as I am.

I'd like to have __________ time than now.

Tennis isn't as __________ as football.

I think this is as __________ as it gets.

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