Had better – jobb lenne ha gyakorló kvíz

Read the situations and write sentences with ’d better or ’d better not. Use only the short form.

Choose a verb from here:

take,     take,    stay,    check,     book,    call,    stop,    go,   disturb,    leave


You're going to the park with a friend. It's really cloudy.

You say: We an umbrella.

You and Liz want to go to a restaurant tonight. It will be very busy.

You tell Liz: We a table.

Your friend has just cut himself. It's bleeding badly.

You tell your friend: You the ambulance.

Your child doesn't look good this morning - not well enough to go to school.

You say: You to school today.

You're going to the cinema but don't know when the film starts.

You say: We the starting time on the internet.

You need to talk to your boss but he's very busy right now.

You say: I him now.

You hate being late. You have an appointment in 10 minutes..

You say: I home now or I'll be late.

Your wife has to get up early tomorrow.

You tell her: You up late tonight.

You've just missed the last bus.

You tell your friend: We a taxi.

Your friend is coughing badly.

You tell him: You smoking.

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