Gerund-infinitive gap fill

Egészítsd ki a mondatokat a zárójelben lévő igék megfelelő alakjával.

They warned her (not go) home alone at night.

The boys couldn't stand (visit) their distant relatives.

She stopped (talk) to her friend after she betrayed her.

I'm trying (help) why don't you listen?

I suggest (have) a break now. We're all tired.

I regret (inform) you that your application for the job has been refused.

I forgot (unplug) my charger and the house burnt down.

Look at the walls. This house really needs (paint).

Ken was looking forward to (meet) Sarah for the first time.

After 3 hours walking we stopped (refresh) ourselves.

She always reads a little before (go) to bed.

Yesterday we wanted (cut) the grass but it started to rain.

We need (pay) now. It's not possible to pay later.

I regret (buy) this car. I always have a problem with it.

We decided (rent) a motorbike on our last holiday.

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