Birtokos névmások, jelzők

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő névmást!

This is Mary and this is _________ husband, John.

Where is _________ bike?

This is my teacher. _________ name's Peter.

This big, black car is _________ .

This is not your luggage. It's _________ .

That is not Joe's watch but I think this is _________ .

What's _________ phone number?

Is this glass _________ ?

These are _________ brothers, Jim and Sam.

She has a cat but this one isn't _________ .

Nice camera. Is it _________ ?

Don't take that bag! It's not _________ .

_________ name's Bond. James Bond.

_________ hair is long and black.

Oxford is famous for __________ university.

'Fel a tetejéhez' gomb