Articles – névelők gyakorló teszt

articles gyakorlas quiz

Melyik névmás illik a mondatba? Válaszd ki a helyes megoldást.

We enjoyed our holiday. ________ hotel was very nice.

Can I ask ________ question? Yes, of course. Go ahead.

What's your job? I'm ________ architect.

Where is Tom? He's in ________ bathroom.

________ dinner is ready! Come and take a seat.

Sam is ________ interesting person. You must meet him.

How can I get to ________ city centre?

Shall we go out for ________ meal this evening?

That's ________ good idea.

Would you like the black or the blue coat? ________ blue, please.

Please, turn off ________ lights when you leave.

Which is ________ highest mountain in the world?

Are you OK? No, I've got ________ earache.

What is ________ name of this village?

Who is the director of ________ film we saw last night?

Russia is ________ very big country.

I like this room but I don't like ________ colour of the carpet.

We don't eat ________ meat very often.

My sister got married ________ last week.

I love ________ flowers. They're beautiful.

Thanks for ________ flowers you sent. They're beautiful.

Look! There's ________ beautiful flower.

I can't sing this song. I don't know ________ words.

________ words don't come easy to me if I talk in front of people.

It was a very awkward situation. I couldn't say ________ word.

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