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Packing for a holiday – Easy reading

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Pat: Hi, Kitty. How are you?

Kitty: Hi, Pat. I’m very busy! We are going on a holiday tomorrow.

P.: Where are you going?

K.: We are going to Egypt. It is hot in Egypt so I’m packing a dress, T-shirts, shorts, underwear, slippers and my swimsuit. I’m not taking pullovers, trousers and a coat!

P.: OK, I’m helping you. Here is your hat.

K.: Oh, it’s not mine. Mine is small. This is John’s. That’s mine.

P.: No, it’s not! It’s mine. Here is yours.

K.: Oh, yes. And are these sunglasses yours or mine?

P.: They are yours. But that T-shirt is mine!

K.: Oh, really. I’m giving it back, sorry.

P.: It’s OK. Are you taking your camera?

K.: No, I’m not. It’s bad.

P.: I’m giving you mine.

K.: Thanks!

P.: Whose swimsuit is this? Is it your mother’s?

K.: No, it’s not hers. It’s mine, but it’s old! This is my new swimsuit, I’m taking this.

P.: You’re putting everything in your suitcase. What are you wearing for the party tonight?

K.: I’m wearing my new dress, my waistcoat, my new boots and a scarf. And you?

P.: I’m wearing my jeans, my new blouse, high-heels and a coat.

K.: Great! I’m tired. Let’s finish this and drink a lemonade.

P.: OK.


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True or false? – Igaz vagy hamis?


Kitty is busy because she is going on a holiday.

She is travelling to Egypt in the afternoon.

She is packing shorts because it isn’t cold in Egypt.

She is taking a pullover.

The big hat is John’s, the small is hers.

The T-shirt is Pat’s.

Kitty’s camera isn’t good.

The old swimsuit is her mother’s.

Kitty is wearing trainers for the party.

Pat is wearing her jeans for the party.


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