Igeidők gyakorlás - Jövő idő

Jővő idő gyakorlása – Quick test

Gyakorold a jövőidők különböző kifejezési formáit!

Choose the correct ending

According to the latest forecast, the tunnel….

a)      will be finished next year.

b)      will have been finished next year.

c)      is finishing next year.


According to the timetable, Paula’s flight…

a)      is arriving at 6.00.

b)      arrives at 6.00.

c)      will arrive at 6.00.


It’s no use phoning Bob at the office. By 5 pm he….

a)      will be leaving.

b)      is leaving.

c)      will have left.


Everyone says that this year City…

a)      are going to win the cup.

b)      are winning the cup.

c)       win the cup.


I don’t fell like visiting my relatives this year so…

a) I won’t go.

b) I’m not going.

c) I don’t go.


You can borrow this calculator, I….

a)      am not needing it.

b)      am not going to need it.

c)      won’t have been needing it.


I’m sorry dinner isn’t ready yet, but I think it…

a)      is going to be ready in a minute.

b)      will have been ready in a minute.

c)      will be ready in a minute.


Can you send me the results as soon as you…

a)      hear anything?

b)      are hearing anything?

c)      will be hearing anything?


You can try asking Martin for help but…

a)      it won’t do you any good.

b)      it’s not doing you any good.

c)      it won’t have done you any good.


Don’t worry about the mistake you made, nobody…

a)      is noticing.

b)      will notice.

c)      will be noticing.


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