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Easy chocolate sauce recipe

Chocolate sauce in under a minute


chocolate sauce

1 tablespoon of milk or cream
depending on taste:
2 tablespoons of dark chocolate drops
20 g white chocolate
20 g milk chocolate

Depending on the sort of sauce that you want to prepare, you can select dark chocolate drops or choose milk or white chocolate that you should break into pieces. Put the chocolate together with one tablespoon of milk (or cream for a soft and creamy sauce) into a small jug. Place for 15 seconds in the microwave oven at 650W, stir well, heat for a further seven seconds in the microwave, stir one more last time – and it is ready! 
This is how you can make a delicious and fresh chocolate sauce in seconds to serve at table. Delicious on ice cream coupes, red fruits, banana slices, pancakes or waffles.

chocolate drops

tablespoon – evőkanál

depending on taste – ízlés szerint
cream – tejszín

chocolate drops – csoki “drazsé” (lsd. kép)

to break into pieces – darabokra törni

to stir – kevernito

heat – melegíteni

delicious – nagyon finom

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