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Artistic families

Szövegértés feladat híres művész családokkal kezdőknek

Olvasd el a híres művész családok bemutatását és párosítsd a tesztben szereplő címeket a bekezdésekkel (A-E)


A. Brothers Joel and Ethan Cohen are film-makers from the USA. Joel’s wife, Frances McDormand, is an actor. She is also from the USA. Joel and Frances have an adopted son, Pedro. He comes from Paraguay.

B. Patrick Tse is a Chinese actor from Hong Kong. Patrick’s son, Nicholas Tse, is an actor, a singer and a songwriter. Nicholas is married to actor and singer Cecilia Cheung. They have two sons, Lucas and Quintus. Nicholas has dual nationality – he is Canadian and Chinese. He and his family live in Hong Kong.

C . Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is an actor. Three of his children, Gustaf, Bill and Alexander, are actors, too. The brothers often appear together in Swedish films.

D. Musician Ravi Shankar comes from India. He has two daughters, Norah Jones and Anoushka. They are singers, and Ravi often gives concerts with Anoushka.

E. The Coppolas are a famous American family in the film industry. Francis Ford Coppola is a film director and his wife Eleanor is an artist. Their daughter Sofia and son Roman are film directors. Sofia is also a singer and actor.



Írd be a szöveg betűjelét a megfelelő címhez!


A family of actors and singers

2. Musical father and daughters

3. Father and sons – all actors

4. A family of directors

5. Film-making brothers


Olvasd el újra a szövegeket és döntsd el, az állítások igazak (true) vagy hamisak (false).


Joel Cohen and his wife are American.


7. Joel Cohen’s child is from Paraguay.


8. Nicholas Tse’s father is a singer.


9. You never see the Skarsgärd brothers in the same film.


10. Anoushka often sings at concerts with her father.


11. Sofia Coppola’s mother is a director, too.




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