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Animals Odd One Out – Állatos szókincs

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Animals Odd One Out

Look at the animal connected vocabulary and find the odd one out.

Along with the answers below you can find the explanations as well.

land habitat jungle, savannah, mammal, rain forest, desert, arctic
water habitat sea, seahorse, pool, pond, river, marsh
collective nouns flock, arctic, herd, pack, pride, troop, swarm, school, murder, parliament
type of eater hamster, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, carrion eater
what they eat grass, leaves, chemical fertilizer, meat, carrion, fish
climate tropical, arctic, temperature, equatorial, moderate
animal types fish, giraffe, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects
offspring cub, puppy, duckling, pet, piglet, kitten, calf, foal, fawn, hatchling
threats hunters, poachers, urban expansion, agriculture, recycling, pollution, habitat loss
reason for hunting horn, ivory, medicine, pets, trophy, oil, skin, fur, vitamins
environmental change deforestation, desertification, drainage, destruction, calendar
saving animals preservation, taxidermy, repopulation, captive breeding, sanctuaries, parks



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