QuizSubjunctive - wish, if only etc.

Wish, if only szerkezetek gyakorlása quiz

Melyik a helyes megoldás? Válaszd ki a mondatba illő, megfelelő alakú igét.

I couldn't pay the bill. I wish I __________ all my money before.
I could have helped you. I wish you __________ me about your problem.
I'm so full. If only I __________ so much.
I'm so exhausted. If only I __________ work tomorrow.
Sarah didn't arrive on time. If only she __________ her plane.
I want to go for a walk tomorrow. I wish it __________, I hate getting wet.
I don't like living here. I wish I __________ to a better place soon.
I'm so alone. If only you __________ here with me.
I'm totally broke. I wish I __________ a new job.
We had an accident. If only Peter __________ more carefully.

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