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Thanksgiving story – easy reading

A hálaadás története - egyszerű szöveg

Read the story about Thanksgiving


Long ago, people called Pilgrims, left their houses in England and crossed the ocean on a ship called Mayflower.

It’s the year 1620 when the Pilgrims come to America. They are cold and hungry.

Native Americans give them food and clothes and help the Pilgrims to build their houses and plant the seeds of corn that they bring and to grow the corn and to hunt the animals.

In autumn corn is mature and the Pilgrims harvest it.

At the end they make a big party to celebrate and to thank the Indians for their help.

Every year, people in the USA have a Thanksgiving Day.

It’s on the fourth Thursday in November.

On that day people eat turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving vocabulary:

pilgrims – zarándokok
pilgrim fathers – az első amerikai telepeseket hívják így
settlers – telepesek
seed – mag
mature – érett
to harvest – betakarítani
last – utolsó
turkey – pulyka
sweet potatoes – édes burgonya
cranberry sauce – áfonya szósz
sweet corn – párolt édes kukorica
pumpkin pie – tökös pite

True or false?
Igaz vagy hamis?

Read the story and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Olvasd el a történetet és döntsd el, hogy az állítások igazak vagy hamisak.

1. The Pilgrims came from America.

2. The name of their ship was Mayflower.

3. The Indians helped the Pilgrims.

4. The Indians made a party.

5. American people celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.



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