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Read about the pandas

The panda _______ (be) one of the rarest animals in the world. It ___________(live) high in the mountains of south-western China and there _____________(be) only about 1,000 left in the wild.

Pandas only _______________(eat) bamboo, a plant that ________________(grow) in the mountains. The panda ________________(spend) about twelve hours a day eating and they have to eat a lot of bamboo. But pandas ______________(be) very shy and _________________(not like) to go into places where people _____________(live). This ________________(make) it very difficult for the pandas to move and find new food. One idea ___________________(be) to create ‘bamboo corridors’ from one mountain to another to help the pandas move and find new food.

Giant Panda

1 Where do pandas live?

2 How many pandas are there in the wild?

3 What do pandas eat?

4 How many hours do pandas spend eating?

5 Why do pandas find it difficult to move around?

6 How do people want to help pandas?

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