Simple Past – Egyszerű múlt gyakorlás

Írd át a mondatokat múlt időbe. Használd a jelen idejű mondatban lévő ige múlt idejét.

Többször is megcsinálhatod a tesztet, a mondatok változnak.
He reads the news every morning.

He the news in the evening yesterday.

They usually come on Tuesday.

They on Wednesday last week.

She cleans the house at the weekend.

She the house last weekend.

You often help your friends.

You your friends yesterday.

They live in London.

They in New York five years ago.

The shop usually closes at 7.

The shop at 6 yesterday.

He rarely writes emails.

He a lot of emails last month.

She always takes her child to school by car.

She her child to school by bus last week.

We sleep 8 hours every night.

We 10 hours last weekend.

We have a Porsche.

We a Mercedes 2 years ago.

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