Névmások gyakorlása

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő névmást!

There is Jake. Do you know _________ ?

Pam and Sue are with _________ friends on holiday.

The boss wants to see __________.

Oxford is famous for __________ university.

We're going to a party. Are you coming with __________?

It's their problem, not _________ .

_________ name's Bond. James Bond.

Sarah loves Jim but he doesn't love _________

She has a cat but this one isn't _________ .

Aunt Jane always writes to __________ at Christmas.

Where is Sally? I'd like to talk to __________.

Bill and Sue are from Toronto. __________ are Canadian.

I never go to parties. I don't like __________ .

_________ children go to school by bus.

Where is _________ bike?

What's _________ phone number?

My sister and I love cooking. __________ often make dinner together.

Don't take that bag! It's not _________ .

These are _________ brothers, Jim and Sam.

I love pizza. I make __________ for dinner every Friday.

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