Gerund-infinitive, írd újra a mondatokat

Írd újra a mondatokat úgy, hogy a megadott szavakat használod és a jelentésük ugyanaz marad.

A megoldáshoz írd be az egész mondatot, ne csak a kihagyott részt.

I'm sorry I didn't buy that cheap coat. - REGRET

It was me who broke the car. - ADMITTED

Booking a table wasn't necessary. - NEED

Sam didn't remember to switch off the oven. - FORGOT

John hates cutting the grass. - CAN'T STAND

I think it's wise to visit the dentist twice a year. - LIKE

You can do what you like but don't open that door. - APART FROM

I gave up eating chocolate. - STOPPED

Honey might be good instead of sugar. - TRY

It's not a problem for me to wash the car. - DON'T MIND

'Fel a tetejéhez' gomb