Subjunctive - wish, if only etc.

Subjunctive – Kötőmód gyakorlás

Complete the sentences with the verb in brackets in the appropriate tense.


You're going to work. It's a bit late.

You say: It's high time I (leave).

You haven't had a holiday for a long time. You need one now.

You say: It's time I (go) on a holiday.

Your friend wants to light a cigarette in your garden.

You say: I'd rather you (not smoke) here.

It's 10 pm. The children should be in bed but they're not.

You say: It's time the children (go) to bed.

Liz is always complaining about something. You think it's too much.

You say: I'd rather Liz (stop) complaining.

You didn't realise it was so late. Dinner should be made.

You say: It's time I (start) cooking.

Nothing was good enough for your new girlfriend in the hotel.

You say: She acts as if she (be) the Queen.

Your company has been managed badly for a long time.

You say: It's about time we (make) some changes.

A friend got drunk at your party and hurt some people's feelings.

You say: I'd rather we (not invite) him.

You ran into an old friend but he didn't even say hello.

You say: He behaved as if we (never meet).

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