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How to Carve a Killer Pumpkin?

True or false? Decide according to the video.


1.)    For carving a pumpkin you need special carving tools. T / F

2.)    Before starting the work, you have to choose your stencil. T / F

3.)     Step two is to lay newspaper onto your working area. T / F

4.)     It’s not a good idea to cut your nails before taking the seeds out. T / F

5.)    You can use the seeds of the pumpkin later: you can roast them. T / F

6.)    After cleaning the inside you have to tape your stencil on the pumpkin to secure it. T / F

7.)    As the next step, you have to poke around the edges of the stencil with a sharp needle tool. T / F

8.)    After carving the pattern you should push the pieces out from the inside. T / F

9.)    After carving you should wash the pumpkin to get rid of the pen marks. T / F

10.)   You have to drop the candle into the pumpkin. T / F


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