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Extreme Sports - True False

Read the texts and decide whether the statements below are true (T), false (F), or if the text doesn’t say (D).


I’ve been really into surfing for more than fifteen years. I started learning in England, then I began going on surfing holidays abroad with my mates – we went to Bali in Indonesia, and also South Africa. After that I started wanting bigger challenges, so five years ago I decided to try the really big waves in Hawaii. Of course they can be dangerous and you have to concentrate one hundred percent, but it’s worth it for the thrill you get when you’re riding them. It’s a magical feeling, like flying above the ocean, and for those few seconds you totally forget everything else in your life.


Part of me had always wanted to try skydiving, but I was really scared the first time. The worst bit was just before I jumped out of the plane – I wanted to be back on the ground, not 4,000 metres up in the air. Of course, as a beginner you don’t do it on your own – you’re attached to the instructor who opens the parachute for you. Falling through the air at 180 kilometres per hour is a massive adrenaline rush. That first time was five years ago, and since then I’ve done more than twenty solo jumps.


Mountains offer a challenge I find impossible to ignore. I started climbing about twenty years ago, and I’ve now climbed three of the highest five peaks in Europe. Of course it can be dangerous, and I’ve had some scary moments, but the sense of achievement when you reach the top is amazing. When you’re pulling yourself up that wall of rock it feels like you’re in a battle against nature – it’s not a feeling you can get from anything in everyday life.



I became hooked on snowboarding the very first time I tried it. I soon realized I had a natural talent for it, and it wasn’t long before I was winning competitions and getting a bit of prize money. My dream is to be able to make my living just from boarding, so I now take three months off work every winter and concentrate on improving my technique. I’d recommend boarding to anyone. The exhilaration of going down the mountain, plus the beauty of the scenery – it’s just fantastic.

True (T), False (F) or doesn’t say (D) ?

1. Teresa doesn’t have a job.

2. Susan has done more than ten skydives without an instructor.

3. Mike has climbed more than twenty mountains in Europe.

4. Teresa gives snowboarding lessons.

5. Mike has climbed the highest mountain in Europe.

6. James surfed in Bali before he went to Hawaii.

7. Susan has always felt relaxed before jumping out of the plane.

8. James doesn’t think about anything else when he’s riding big waves in Hawaii.

9. Mike has sometimes been frightened while mountain climbing.

10. Teresa is trying to get even better at snowboarding.

11. Susan did about ten skydives with an instructor.

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