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Christmas in The UK – easy – Karácsony az Egyesült Királyságban

Karácsony az Egyesült Királyságban - easy

Christmas is a Christian festival. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Lots of people who aren’t Christians also celebrate Christmas.
People send Christmas cards to friends and family before the holiday begins. Many people visit their family and friends for Christmas. Christmas is a holiday for most people in the UK.

Christmas Eve

The first day of the holiday is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is on December 24th. On Christmas Eve, children hang up stockings for Father Christmas. Many Christians also go to church on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day is on December 25th. On Christmas Day, people give each other gifts.
It is traditional to eat a roast dinner on Christmas Day. People usually eat turkey or chicken for Christmas dinner, with roast potatoes and vegetables.

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas Day is called Boxing Day. Boxing Day is on December 26th.
Boxing Day is also a bank holiday. Most people in the UK don’t have to work on Boxing Day.

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