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Chocolate Facts – Hallás utáni értés a csokiról

Miből lesz a csoki? Hallás utáni értés feladat csokimániákusoknak (is).

Listen to the video and find the answers.

1. What does the Aztec word cocoa mean?

2. Where can you find the most cocoa trees?

3. How many cocoa beans does a cocoa pod contain?

4. Where did the Mayas and Aztecs thought cocoa comes from?

5. What two things can you get from drinking cocoa according to the Aztec belief?

6. What did the original Aztec drink taste like?

7. What two things did the Mayas and Aztecs used the cocoa beans for besides drinking?

8. How much caffeine does 1 ounce of bittersweet chocolate contain?

9. What did emperor Montezuma consume before entering his harem?

10. What does theobromine do to the body?

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